Silver and gold hoops inside which tiny pieces of stone flow. The most eye-catching is the black sand. It was it that inspired the entire collection – black volcanic sand from Icelandic beaches where light shines among the matt grains. Iceland is a place where, unlike anywhere else on the planet, you can truly feel the power of nature. We closed a dash of it inside small metal hoops. The Katla collection is customisable, with individual elements that can be freely combined. Necklaces – round pendants in four different sizes on a chain of your choosing in any length. Pendants can be filled with tiny cut gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other less precious but equally beautiful stones.

Katla is an Icelandic volcano, and the idea for the collection was born at its foot. In Icelandic katla means boilers, cauldron, crucible – a state or location where rapid changes take place. There is constant movement in the hoops of Katla.

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