Todoro’s beating heart is our jewelry workshop. Our jewelry is made primarily of natural raw materials, precious metals, and minerals. We believe that high quality craftsmanship and materials are essential because they enable our pieces to last. Our manufacturing is primarily based on a closed circuit. Silver and gold are easily recovered and recycled metals.

For us, making jewelry is a field of clashes of perspectives, a meeting of different imaginations. We invite jewelry designers as well as artists who specialize in other art forms whose ideas are brought to life by our jewelers. Collaborations can bring unexpected results, often with a dash of novelty that we adore. Our door is always open to new ideas… ✨ We value the process.

Jewelry is essentially useless items, small pieces of metal or stone that fetch ridiculously high prices. The most unusual aspect of them is that they frequently become carriers of emotions, fantasies, and feelings – this is independent of the material from which they are made and is truly magical.


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