Natalia Wolak

Natalia studied jewelry making in art school in Wrocław. She draws inspiration from nature and the way it was depicted in art from the Young Poland period. The collection of three hair pins was an extension of her graduation project and was created in our studio.

Gardens full of flowers in bloom, trees and bushes greening on the canvases, stems heavy with petals winding towards the ceiling. This is how nature was shown by artists representing the Young Poland trend in their work.

Natalia immersed herself in floral motifs that can be found almost everywhere in Kraków. Using the simplification and geometrization of shapes, she transferred them to a contemporary medium. She reached for an object known since prehistoric times, both stylistic and artistic. For a hair pin combines a practical and an aesthetic function, the best proof of which is Natalia’s collection.

Weronika Ptak