Clouds gather over Todoro, large raindrops fall vertically downward,
they push some air under the surface of the water and form bubbles. We’re introducing CLOUDS & BUBBLES!

They tumble, build up, accumulate, swell up, bud, spill, fluctuate, are fluid, inconsistent, difficult to grasp and lack defined contours. Clouds.
Even though the elements of the CLOUDS collection have very distinct contours, they were liquid silver moments ago. They were inspired by the ever-changing cluster of water droplets floating in the air. Panta Rhei.

Champagne bubbles and anniversary balloons floating upwards.
In October 2022, the 20th edition of the UNSOUND festival took place under the theme of BUBBLES. Our atelier created jewelry inspired by the festival’s theme. Each piece is signed with the Todoro and Unsound logo.