SPIKE studded wristband

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Do you remember Piotr Marek, a painter, sculptor, performer, musician and his band, DÜPĄ, which lives forever and reigns in the underground? That’s early ’90s.

There was no entry to concerts without a studded wristband, it just wasn’t appropriate! So they started to materialize out of what was available at the time. From scrap metal and jablonex jewelry found in thrift shops and in shops in Kazimierz, the worn-out Ramones jacket, an old handbag from your aunt, a once-fashionable skirt, a pair of too tight trousers of a Jim Morrison fan, etc.

And they are still being made similarly, I hope, with a bit of history enchanted in them…

Jolanta Kownacka | JK Spikes

Studded wristband handmade out of leather and metal elements.

Dimensions: 180 x 60 mm