Yōkai take many different shapes, each element of the collection has its own personality. The natural stones almost make the rings and necklaces come alive. Jewelry often becomes a carrier of our emotions, fantasies and feelings, something valuable, beyond what it is made of; we give it meaning. We love that the little trinkets that leave our workshop become amulets, give their new owners power. The Yōkai collection elements have been designed to be your companion, a new friend – it’s in their dna. ; )

Yōkai ( 妖怪) in Japanese means strange apparition, something unknown and undefined.

Yōkai were the answer to the strangest things Japanese people needed explained centuries ago. They created Yōkai as a result of reflection on the fact that there may be Worlds around us to which we don’t fully have access. Just because you can’t see or describe them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

You’re walking through the woods, the path continues uphill, you’re slowly getting weaker until you find it hard to take another step – Nurikabe stands in your way – an invisible creature tall enough to make climbing impossible, and wide enough to suppress any attempts to bypass it. You wake up in the morning, you find the pillow you fell asleep on on the other side of the bed – Makura-Gaeshi (the pillow flipper) visited you at night and messed with it. You know that feeling when you can just tell that you’re being watched? That’s Mokumokuren staring at you with one of its ubiquitous eyes.