My Tamagotchi is Dead

Olga Drenda, fot. Michał Sosna

My Tamagotchi is Dead
Marta Antoniak x Todoro

Plastic scene depicting a crime committed out of negligence: a little fish or a kitty cat demanding attention, waking up hungry in a dirty digital room. Even if they find a perfect guardian, their death is inevitable, their pixel friend won’t even last a month. The Tamagotchi egg also dies after a while – initially it faces a soft-boiled kind of death – losing its way in some pocket or a drawer, to later come face to face with the ultimate hard-boiled demise: you can no longer wake it up, so the little plastic carcass goes to trash. During the last journey he sets out on, he meets new companions – a shadowless hand, a tiny fruit of unknown origin, a figurine from a strange set, a real kaleidoscope of synthetic shades of materials and dyes. Did you know? Then listen: someone lacks sense, someone is heartless and someone else has no courage, but walking down the path together they are able to overcome all adversities. Come back, it’s not the fairy tale you are thinking of: neither the lion nor the rest of our brave friends will pull through the encounter with the ball of fire. Plastic melts quickly, although it decomposes slowly – only if Tamagotchi, the hand and the fruit withstand the initial flames of hell, do they stand a chance to live eternal life.

Marta Antoniak, by Michał Sosna

Marta Antoniak has been painting and sculpting in tissue of the 1990s: she creates paintings from melted soldiers and Kinder surprise toys, decorating her work with shiny stickers. Marta also works with disposable tribal tattoos on canvas and creates sculptures out of plush animals. Her toy world does shy away from surrealism or the Apocalypse – it is familiar and disturbing at the same time, just like a distorted song sipping from an old broken music box. In the jewelry collection created with Todoro, Marta Antoniak’s designs take on a noble dimension: brooches from melted plastic toys are framed in silver (with an engraved signature!), beaded necklaces are combined with precious stones and plastic elements set in silver. Marta transforms the canvas – this time her ideas will live on clothes under the brooches and on the body underneath the necklaces.

Martyna Nowicka

My Tamagotchi is Dead
Jewelry collection

Author: Marta Antoniak
Jeweler: Joanna Rolicka
Photos: Michal Sosna
Models: Olga Drenda, Przemek Wideł, Squirrel, Mr. Poop, Pink Panther, Bear

My Tamagotchi is Dead collection was created as a result of our meeting with artist Marta Antoniak.
It consists of necklaces, brooches, earrings, chain pendants and a bracelet.

Przemysław Wideł, by Michał Sosna
Olga Drenda, by Michał Sosna
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